Support of 11 bit RACH support in osmoPCU

Prasad Kaup Prasad.Kaup at
Thu Mar 3 14:53:05 UTC 2016

Hello  Jacob,
	I am thinking that for EGPRS,  osmo-bts must be able to distinguish by TSC or by any other means (by L1 message?)  and inform osmo-pcu in a modified  gsm_pcu_if_rach_ind to indicate that it is for EGPRS. Please   let me know your comments.


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Hello Prasad

On 26.02.2016 13:46, Prasad Kaup wrote:

> We are currently working on providing the support of 11 bit RACH 
> support  in osmoPCU  as mentioned in Bug #1548  at 
> We have identified  impacts to be in  osmo-pcu, osmo-bts and osmocore
> Main changes identified are
> *osmo-pcu:*
> *         In  file pcuif_proto.h,   modify "/uint8_t ra/" to "/uint16_t
> ra/"   in  /struct  gsm_pcu_if_rach_ind/

Are you also planning to add the TSC being used which would be needed for EGPRS as well?



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