Padding patch and moving forward with EGPRS support/merge

Jacob Erlbeck jacob01 at
Thu Mar 3 13:40:20 UTC 2016


On 02.03.2016 20:14, Holger Freyther wrote:
> * Jacob has not implemented compressed bitmaps in the DL TBF handling.

More precisely, compressed bitmaps (decoding) are supported for DL TBFs
only, since it is required to decode them DL Ack/Nack if the window size
is increased which makes sense with multiple PDCH.

> The reason
> is because we want to avoid bufferbloat our windows don't really get
that big and
> it seems we didn't need it yet.

The reason for not implementing them for UL TBF ACK yet was the fact
that we only support single slot only in that direction and that the
imposed restriction won't probably hurt in most cases. We can still send
URBB even if the window size were larger than 96, so there are only some
cases with long runs of NACKs and very few ACKs which might suffer from
a slightly increased latency.

> Now that you have built a tree based encoder, it
> might make sense to include the encoder, add tests for the encoding,
> the performance and then hook the encoding in the DL ACK handling.

-> UL TBF ACK handling


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