Padding patch and moving forward with EGPRS support/merge

Holger Freyther holger at
Wed Mar 2 19:14:05 UTC 2016

Dear Saurabh,

it would be nice if you could address the review comment of Harald for the padding patch and send it again. In terms of the commit message it would be interesting to know how you found it, if something broke because of it (e.g. if a specific Handset+Chipset+Firmware release broke). Such information is nicely captured in a commit message and might help future developers to prevent doing a revert or similar.

In terms of the EDGE support it is custom in Free Software projects to build on top of what is already present. I don't have a specific approach and there are multiple options but from what I see the situation is:

	* You seem to have added additional encoding regression tests. It would be nice to move them to the master version and see if the result is similar/correct as well.

	* Jacob has not implemented compressed bitmaps in the DL TBF handling. The reason is because we want to avoid bufferbloat our windows don't really get that big and it seems we didn't need it yet. Now that you have built a tree based encoder, it might make sense to include the encoder, add tests for the encoding, reason/explain the performance and then hook the encoding in the DL ACK handling.

	* Any other corrections/fixes you have.

	* Identify other areas where your support is behaving better than the code in master or features missing and implemented in your branch.

Do you already have an idea yourself how you intend to move forward and get your improvements included in the main repository?

kind regards

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