Clarification on downlink window state variable

Sangamesh Sajjan Sangamesh.Sajjan at
Thu Mar 3 07:42:13 UTC 2016


Clarification required on Downlink window state GPRS_RLC_DL_BSN_RESEND in OSMO-PCU

Could you please let us know the significance of the state GPRS_RLC_DL_BSN_RESEND while handling downlink window.
Our understanding is that  state  GPRS_RLC_DL_BSN_RESEND is used in case of retransmission of UNACKED blocks, which can be done without having  GPRS_RLC_DL_BSN_RESEND  state.
Kindly let us know if we are missing something in our understanding. This  will help us in enhancing the state variable handling in FANR (FAST ACK NACK REPORTING) feature.
We are planning  to introduce new state (i.e GPRS_RLC_DL_BSN_TENTATIVE_ACK ) as part of FANR feature implementation.

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