[EGPRS] Performance results for EGPRS test in Radisys lab

Saurabh Sharan Saurabh.Sharan at radisys.com
Fri Jul 15 14:25:20 UTC 2016

We have completed first phase of performance test on EGPRS using iperf tool for short duration runs (1 to 3 hours). 
Steady throughput of 215 to 223 kbps in Downlink has been achieved under lab conditions over the air test using one Huawei E398 dongle as UE.
PCU was configured for 4 PDTCH allocation.
Osmo-pcu is based on master branch plus Radisys code changes which are currently under Gerrit review.
The execution of test was done on NuRAN 1.0 hardware.

Below is a summary of test results
Test type	MCS DL		Duration		Throughput(kbps)
						Achieved	Theoretical
TCP		MCS9		1hour		217		236.8
UDP		MCS9		3hour		223		236.8


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