Support for Fast Ack/Nack Report in osmoPCU

Harald Welte laforge at
Tue Feb 23 14:47:56 UTC 2016

Hi Saurabh,

On Tue, Feb 23, 2016 at 12:13:41PM +0000, Saurabh Sharan wrote:

> We are currently working on providing the support of FANR in osmoPCU.
> We are in design phase and will share the design details soon.

'evolved edge' or 'later release' features have not been on our agenda
so far.  We have been working hard with very limited funding and
resources to get the most important basic GPRS and EDGE features
implemented so far.

>From our point of view, I wounldn't consider Fast Ack/Nack a
particularly important feature at this point.  The main important focus
areas are from my point of view are:
* interoperability testing with various handsets
* multi-slot allocations also for uplink
* 11bit RACH support
* implementation of regression tests, automatizing those tests
* continuous integration / testing setup

FANR seems like something really far at the horizon, with all the other
more basic "completeness" tasks at hand.  If you think it is important
to implement this now, I suggest you indeed shar your design details and
let us follow your development process by immediately pushing all
related changes to a public 'fanr' feature-branch in the git repository.

Irrespective of the above, we keep a list of known PCU issues / tasks at, where we invite
you to both report new bugs / features, as well as to help us to close
some of the existing ones.  If you register an account on the redmine,
just let me know the user name to provide write access to the OsmoPCU
issue tracker and wiki.


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