Support of Basic EGPRS in OsmoPCU

Harald Welte laforge at
Mon Feb 22 14:45:06 UTC 2016

Hi Saurabh,

thanks for reaching out about this.

On Mon, Feb 22, 2016 at 12:32:03PM +0000, Saurabh Sharan wrote:
> We would like to provide the information that since Dec-2015 we have
> been working on adding the EGPRS support in OsmoPCU.  We have provided
> the support for Basic EGPRS feature, details of which explained below.
> We would like to make the code available in Public domain 

Sorry for being 'precise' here:  OsmoPCU is licensed under GNU GPL
v2-or-later.  This is a copyleft-style licenses that require any
modifications to be released under the same license.  That is contrary
to 'public domain' (which is a specific legal construct in the
anglo-american legal tradition whereby an author gives up all his rights
and anyone can do whatever he wants).  While we could merge code under
'public domain' into OsmoPCU, you cannot make modifications to the
GPL-licensed OsmoPCU and then put the result into public domain, sorry.

I suppose you just wanted to release it publicly and might have mixed up
the terms?

In either case, please send your changes as incremental per-feature
commits to this list, preferrably using git-send-email on your local
git repository.

In addition, it would also be great if you could push your git
repository to a public location.  If you send your SSH public key, we
can provide you a repository with write access on

> We have taken interim rebase from the master during Jan-2016.

As Jacob has been working on EDGE support since October 2015 (see the
osmocom-commitlog mailing list), I fear there might be quite some
overlap to your changes.  It would have been great if you had reached
out before working in parallel on the same features.

So one the next step (after posting the current patches) would be to do
right now would be to re-base your changes on top of current

- Harald Welte <laforge at> 
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