Support of Basic EGPRS in OsmoPCU

Saurabh Sharan Saurabh.Sharan at
Mon Feb 22 12:32:03 UTC 2016

Hello All,

We would like to provide the information that since Dec-2015 we have been working on adding the EGPRS support in OsmoPCU.  We have provided the support for Basic EGPRS feature, details of which explained below.

We would like to make the code available in Public domain so that we receive the feedback from all and upon approval would contribute to the master branch.

Following are the features added:

1)    EGPRS MCS 1 to MCS 9 coding scheme support

2)    Radio Link Control Block Structure Updates

3)    MCS Selection

4)    Transmission and reception data flows for MCS1 to MCS9

5)    EGPRS incremental redundancy (IR) mode, RLC function

6)    EGPRS Window selection

7)    RLC Re-segmentation and split block support

8)      RLC retransmission based on coding families A, A', B and C

We have taken interim rebase from the master during Jan-2016.


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