Regarding integration of NURAN L1 1.0

Prasad Kaup Prasad.Kaup at
Tue Apr 5 14:50:15 UTC 2016

Hi Minh-Quang Nguyen,
			Thanks for the information.
We are able to connect to internet through GPRS  with existing  binaries in the board.
we are  also able to  cross compile latest libosmocore, talloc and osmo-pcu.  We  loaded latest osmo-pcu (from master ) to board and tried to test , but there is no internet connectivity.

I see that  there is no data received  at osmo-pcu /osmo-bts  as below,  though assignment is given to mobile

PCU side: 
<0002> tbf.cpp:874 TBF(TFI=0 TLLI=0x00000000 DIR=UL STATE=WAIT ASSIGN) T3169 timeout during transmission
<0002> tbf.cpp:893 - Assignment was on CCCH
<0002> tbf.cpp:899 - No uplink data received yet

BTS side:
<0009> pcu_sock.c:356 Sending RACH indication: qta=-3, ra=123, fn=647328
<0009> pcu_sock.c:466 Data request received: sapi=AGCH arfcn=0 block=0 data=2d 06 3f 10 0e e0 2b 7b 44 86 00 00 c8 00 70 0b 2b 2b 2b 2b 2b 2b 2b 
<0006> l1_if.c:948 RACH for packet access

Let  me know your comments


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