Regarding integration of NURAN L1 1.0

Minh-Quang Nguyen minh-quang.nguyen at
Fri Apr 1 15:34:58 UTC 2016

Hi Prasad,

It's good to know you are able to compile everything and make GSM voice calls with mobiles.

Regarding to GTP tunnel, I am guiding you to Osmocom GPRS wiki URL below for more information


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Hi  Minh-Quang Nguyen,
			 We are able to  connect and make GSM voice calls with mobiles.  We are also able to attach  and activate PDP context in case of GPRS.
We are trying to configure the setup  for GPRS connectivity  towards  internet.  We  understand that  iptables needs to be configured for external connectivity. 
 Can you let us know some more details of configuration  to enable external connectivity from  GGSN  and "tun0"  interface ?


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