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Dominiq T chester.mino at gmail.com
Thu Apr 2 14:47:05 UTC 2015

Dear Osmcom,

I am working on a project, where I am connecting OsmoBTS with OsmocomBB
without hardware.

I am trying to remove l1 on both sides and connect OsmoBTS with BB
application via simple unix sockets. Based on the further recommendations,
I am using osmobts-trx branch. Currently I am able to handle messages
between BTS and TRX driver on clock and control ports, and on BB side I am
in state that phone wants to connect into a cell (so its waiting for BCCH)
. I am now trying to find a possible way how to handle messages on data
port , between BTS – TRX ( TRX is removed, there is my application
instead), and forward these messages to my customized BB l1 interface . The
thing is that I need to send to BB phone (layer23) messages in structures
from gsm_04_08.h (i.e. gsm48_system_information_type_3). I am not sure if I
will be able to get needed from the messages coming on the data port 5702.

 I found, that PCU creates unix socket on “/tmp/pcu_bts” , but only in case
sysmoBTS is in use (please correct me if I am wrong), so this will be not
possible due compilation errors without HW. Here I found the
gsm48_system_information_type_3 messages.

So basically I need somehow to get this message structures on my custom l1
BB interface. Do you have any idea how to do this ?

Any advice will be highly appreciated.

Many thanks you for your attention :)

Best regards,

Dominik Tamaskovic.
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