Fwd: Running OpenGGSN with UmTRX(Osmobts-trx)

Joe Ge jijo123789 at gmail.com
Tue May 13 10:11:57 UTC 2014

Hi All,

I have installed OpenBSC +Osmo-BTS following Osmocom's netwrok from scratch
link http://openbsc.osmocom.org/trac/wiki/network_from_scratch
Now I would like to implemenet GPRS facility in the testbedusing OpenGGSN
and Osmo-SGSN.

I am using fairwaves UmDESK for this implementation.

I followed the procedure as suggested in the
with the added modification as suggested in

But this doesn't seem to work out.

Currently the systems execute properly with the following outputs

*GGSN Output:*

root at nist:/home/nist# ggsn
conf: /etc/ggsn.conf
fg: 1
debug: 1
qos: 0x0b921f
apn: internet
pidfile: /var/run/ggsn.pid
statedir: /var/lib/ggsn/
timelimit: 0
gtpclient: Initialising GTP tunnel
openggsn[3822]: GTP: gtp_newgsn() started
Creating tun interface
Setting tun IP address

*Osmo-SGSN Output:*
root at nist:/home/nist# osmo-sgsn -c
<0010> gprs_ns.c:199 NSVCI=65534 Creating NS-VC

*Osmo-PCU Output:*
root at nist:/home/nist# osmo-pcu
No config file: 'osmo-pcu.cfg' Using default config.

With these I also ran:

All of these run normally as well.
My UE is able to detect the network as well but not able to connect with it.

Given below are the config file entries


gtp local-ip
ggsn 0 remote-ip
 encapsulation udp local-ip

  gprs nsvc 0 remote udp port 23000
  gprs nsvc 0 remote ip

I had the following doubts regarding the given installation procedure

1. The fairwaves.gprs implementation using Chemeris's gprs-work seems to
implement with Asterisk as PBX whereas I require it to run with the

2. The gprs-work branch still makes use of BTS transceiver and I wanted it
to work with the Osmo-nitb implementation using osmobts-trx and osmo-trx

Can somebody please help me out with this?

Or is there any alternative implementation which can be tried to execute
them together.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

With Regards,
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