Multislot allocation failures and defects

Andreas Eversberg andreas at
Wed Jan 15 12:58:27 UTC 2014

Holger Hans Peter Freyther wrote:

hi holger,

thanx for merging the patches.

> @@ -409,7 +409,6 @@
>  PDCH[5] is first common for DL
>  PDCH[5] is used for UL
>  PDCH[6] is used for UL
> -PDCH[7] is used for UL
>  PDCH[5] is control_ts for UL
>  PDCH[5] is first common for UL
>  PDCH[5] is used for DL
> @@ -420,7 +419,6 @@
>  Testing jolly example
>  PDCH[1] is used for UL
>  PDCH[2] is used for UL
> -PDCH[3] is used for UL
>  PDCH[1] is control_ts for UL
>  PDCH[1] is first common for UL
>  PDCH[1] is used for DL
> so it appears that the multislot algorithm started to not assign/use
> the last timeslot. Could you please have a look at that?
If you look at patch "alloc_algorithm_b: Increment 'i', so allocated TS
will not exceed tx_range", i added the missing "i++" in for-loops.
inside one loop there is an incrementation (already), which needs to be

-		if (++i == ms_max_txslots) {
+		if (i+1 == ms_max_txslots) {

I compared the output of the AllocTest with the expected output. Now they match.



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