Question regarding TS allocation algorithm(s)

Andreas Eversberg andreas at
Thu Oct 17 09:54:49 UTC 2013

Holger Hans Peter Freyther wrote:
> after more re-factoring and writing client code to utilize the
> allocation. The limiting factor in the DL is the USF assignment.
> So for alloc_a we are limited to 8 devices at a time (even with
> multiple PDCHs).
actually we are limited to 7 devices, because USF 7 is reserved. we need
this for single block allocation or polling a response from a device. we
do not want to have collisions with an ongoing uplink TBF.

a way to provide more downlink/uplink TBFs, is to assign only a subset
of PDCHs to each device, if the number of devices is high. it is
possible to remove assigned PDCHs from devices when splitting of PDCHs
(into a subset) is wanted. but this would make an algorithm more
complex. at least for algorithm A (single slot) it would be simpler.

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