C++ for the PCU

Andreas Eversberg andreas at eversberg.eu
Mon Jul 29 15:20:58 UTC 2013

Holger Hans Peter Freyther wrote:
> From my point
> of view we are taking the hit of g++ without really using any of the
> features that C++ vould provide (e.g. no stack variables with automatic
> cleanup..).
hi holger,

i have some old patches somewhere that turn everything from c++ to c,
except the dissecting part, which stays c++, iirc. i never finished
them, because there was someone doing a similar work, so i didn't want
to do double work. in my opinion it makes sense to change it, since we
don't (and won't) use any c++ features at our code.

> I think we should find a more nice solution to extern "C".
that would be my solution. if you like, i could dig these patches out.



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