lack of progress in PCU patch merging / git (ab)use

Ivan Kluchnikov Ivan.Kluchnikov at
Thu Jan 17 10:21:27 UTC 2013

Hi, Harald!

I merged jolly_merge branch to master today, sorry for so long delay.
I have done some tests and I think that now we have first stable
version of osmo-pcu.
So at this stage I guess that Andreas or you can commit or merge bug
fixes to master without any approvals, I think that bug fixes
shouldn't be stored in a private branches.
But all features and fundamental changes in the code should be
developed in a private branches and should be discussed in the mailing
list before merging to master.
I plan to resume the development of osmo-pcu soon, we should implement
PCCCH/PBCCH support, so I will create new branch for this feature and
at this stage I suggest to merge and commit only bug fixes to master

2013/1/17 Harald Welte <laforge at>:
> Hi all,
> jolly has gone through the effort to rebase all his changes on top of
> current master.  How do we proceed from here?
> My understanding was so far that Ivan is maintaining the PCU and
> repsonsible for reviewing/merging any suggested changes.
> The current 'jolly_merge' branch seems to work quite fine, especially
> now with the fixes of the last two days.  I would appreciate if we could
> get that merged, _before_ any other changes happen in master and again
> cause fragmentation.
> Alternatively, we could of course see if Jolly should be permitted to
> generally push directly to master, or if all patches should be sent via
> 'git send-email' to this list, or if Jolly (or even I, but I know the
> code not well and have too many other projects) should become a
> co-maintainer of the project.
> Let's work together to find a solution for the responsibilities and
> workflow.  Thanks!
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Ivan Kluchnikov.

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