Suspected memory leak in PCU

Harald Welte laforge at
Wed Jan 16 10:31:11 UTC 2013

Hi Jolly,

On Wed, Jan 16, 2013 at 09:25:18AM +0100, jolly wrote:
> the memory leak happened for each data message from SGSN to PCU. the
> bitvector used for parsing ms-class was not freed.

thanks for the quick fix.

> additionally i included the bitvector's talloc context into the global
> PCU's talloc context, so one can find out if it leaks.

If you find the time (it's not urgent) it might be worth to audit the
code to make sure that all allocations are part of the talloc context
hierarchy.  Given that the report only showed two allocations in the
version I used yesterday, I think the ms-class bit-vector might not be
the only data structure that is not properly referenced to the context.
I would have expected to see at least some persistent structures like
all the currently active TBFs.

Thanks in advance,

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