Suspected memory leak in PCU

jolly andreas at
Wed Jan 16 08:25:18 UTC 2013

Harald Welte wrote:
> while running osmo-pcu, it appears that it is leaking memory.   At
> startup time it consumes 4188 kBytes of virtual memory (on sysmobts-v2),
> while after about 8MBytes of data transfer of a single GPRS-MS over 48
> hours, the virtual size has expanded to 8584 kBytes.
hi harald,

i just pushed the fix to jolly_merge branch.

the memory leak happened for each data message from SGSN to PCU. the
bitvector used for parsing ms-class was not freed.

additionally i included the bitvector's talloc context into the global
PCU's talloc context, so one can find out if it leaks.



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