Change in osmo-sgsn[master]: osmo-sgsn: get rid of OSMO_ASSERT() in 'auth-policy' handler

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Mon May 27 08:54:15 UTC 2019

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Change subject: osmo-sgsn: get rid of OSMO_ASSERT() in 'auth-policy' handler

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PS1, Line 22:   auth-policy c
> So you say in this case argv[0] is "c" instead of "closed"? That's IMHO wrong and should be fixed in […]
Yes, the VTY parser would pass any of those variations.

I guess the problem is that we are doing:

  strncmp( choice, input, strlen(input) )

somewhere in the VTY code, so for example:

  strncmp( "accept-all", "accept", 6 ) == 0
  strncmp( "accept-all", "acc", 3 ) == 0
  strncmp( "accept-all", "a", 1 ) == 0
  strncmp( "accept-all", "", 0 ) == 0

Also, that's probably why you can type:

  - "en" instead of "enable",
  - "subscr" instead of "subscriber".

Unfortunately, I am not familiar with the internals of libosmovty, so for now it makes sense at least to avoid segfault'ing here.

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