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Change subject: bts-trx: Introduce VTY command osmotrx trxd-max-version

Patch Set 2:

> Patch Set 2:
> why would osmo-bts-trx not always want to request the highest locally supported version and in the end chose  whatever the highest the TRX supports?

I can think of several scenarios:
* Because TRX in the set up has a bug when using that higher version of the protocol, or sends incorrect data. This allows to still have a running set up with a lower working/more tested version of the protocol.
* Because TRX may not support SETFORMAT and fail to continue upon receival of that command (like SC5 TRX implementation). This way, if "osmotrx trxd-max-version 0" is used, no SETFORMAT is sent (because 0 is the default starting version for backward compatibility).

> I think this vty command may actually be dangerous, in that it will persist software upgrades in your config file.  This means you update e.g.both your trx and osmo-bts (which could provide better features/performance/...), but you will still use some old version as you have that statement in your config file.

I think it's fine, since you may want to stick to that version for reasons explained above (specially deployed in the field, it could be your TRX is never updated). I can add a notice log when using "osmotrx trxd-max-version" with version different than highest if you like.

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