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Fri Mar 16 22:33:55 UTC 2018

Hi all,

Just a quick note: doing an attach via a PC/SC reader and commercial SIM cards is already supported via SAP.

SoftSIM[1] could be used to present the card inserted into the reader using SAP (as a socket) and osmocom is capable of connecting to the socket if configured.

Kind regards,


2018. márc. 16. dátummal, 19:13 időpontban Vadim Yanitskiy <vyanitskiy at> írta:

> Hello Victor,
> > I would like to congratulate and thanking you for the excellent
> > job you did on the osmocom TRX/gr-gsm project.
> Thanks. Please note that I am also CCing this message to the
> Osmocom baseband-development mailing list, because this info
> could be helpful for someone else.
> > I'm trying to implement into your fixeria/trx branch the ability
> > for mobile app to connect to a commercial network using
> > a SIM card into a PC/SC reader.
> Great. I also was going to implement this, but happy to see
> your efforts towards this direction.
> > I have a working "prototype" of an osmocom-bb (latest version)
> > using a PC/SC reader. I can sucessfully connect a C139 running
> > osmocom-bb with a commercial SIM inserted into
> > a PC/SC reader to its network.
> Please send your changes for review to
> I'll be more than happy to facilitate merging this work to master.
> See:
> > I'm trying to import my code into osmocom TRX but I can't get mobile
> > working at all (even without my code) I tried using
> > "7fd8ef2d3f3d296a6032745396d3af8e8e3d4da2" and the last one
> > "4ccb2261b1ac2e207303393fe509878f160dd96b" using
> > "7fd8ef2d3f3d296a6032745396d3af8e8e3d4da2", It looks like mobile app
> > is sending Location Update Request corectly to GR-GSM but I can't sniff
> > it (over the air or from wireshark).
> >
> > I'm pretty sure the BTS doesn't receive it neither.
> > using "4ccb2261b1ac2e207303393fe509878f160dd96b",
> > it doesn't do anything. It's only receiving packets from PCH/AGCH.
> Would be great to see both logs and PCAP traces attached.
> I cannot say anything without knowing what is actually
> happening on your side,
> > My setup : my B200( or my B210) with GPSDO is connected trough
> > a commercial duplexer for the appropriate GSM band (E-GSM)
> > and a omnidirectional antenna.
> I am also using B200, but without GPSDO. Probably, your device
> has different delays, which causes out of sync with BTS TDMA.
> Piotr Krysik was working on this part, and we had an idea to
> implement a tool for automatical device calibration...
> But let's look at your logs first.
> > Are you able to connect the mobile app using osmocom TRX to
> > a network (even a test network without ciphering) ? especially
> > using the latest version of libosmocore/ osmocom fixeria/trx branch ?
> Mostly, I am working in the virtual environment - FakeTRX.
> Didn't try since 34c3, but it was working.
> With best regards,
> Vadim Yanitskiy.
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