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Vadim Yanitskiy vyanitskiy at
Fri Mar 16 18:05:45 UTC 2018

Hello Victor,

> I would like to congratulate and thanking you for the excellent
> job you did on the osmocom TRX/gr-gsm project.

Thanks. Please note that I am also CCing this message to the
Osmocom baseband-development mailing list, because this info
could be helpful for someone else.

> I'm trying to implement into your fixeria/trx branch the ability
> for mobile app to connect to a commercial network using
> a SIM card into a PC/SC reader.

Great. I also was going to implement this, but happy to see
your efforts towards this direction.

> I have a working "prototype" of an osmocom-bb (latest version)
> using a PC/SC reader. I can sucessfully connect a C139 running
> osmocom-bb with a commercial SIM inserted into
> a PC/SC reader to its network.

Please send your changes for review to
I'll be more than happy to facilitate merging this work to master.

> I'm trying to import my code into osmocom TRX but I can't get mobile
> working at all (even without my code) I tried using
> "7fd8ef2d3f3d296a6032745396d3af8e8e3d4da2" and the last one
> "4ccb2261b1ac2e207303393fe509878f160dd96b" using
> "7fd8ef2d3f3d296a6032745396d3af8e8e3d4da2", It looks like mobile app
> is sending Location Update Request corectly to GR-GSM but I can't sniff
> it (over the air or from wireshark).
> I'm pretty sure the BTS doesn't receive it neither.
> using "4ccb2261b1ac2e207303393fe509878f160dd96b",
> it doesn't do anything. It's only receiving packets from PCH/AGCH.

Would be great to see both logs and PCAP traces attached.
I cannot say anything without knowing what is actually
happening on your side,

> My setup : my B200( or my B210) with GPSDO is connected trough
> a commercial duplexer for the appropriate GSM band (E-GSM)
> and a omnidirectional antenna.

I am also using B200, but without GPSDO. Probably, your device
has different delays, which causes out of sync with BTS TDMA.
Piotr Krysik was working on this part, and we had an idea to
implement a tool for automatical device calibration...

But let's look at your logs first.

> Are you able to connect the mobile app using osmocom TRX to
> a network (even a test network without ciphering) ? especially
> using the latest version of libosmocore/ osmocom fixeria/trx branch ?

Mostly, I am working in the virtual environment - FakeTRX.
Didn't try since 34c3, but it was working.

With best regards,
Vadim Yanitskiy.

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