removing ancient libosmocore fork from osmocom-bb.git

Harald Welte laforge at
Tue May 16 16:18:45 UTC 2017

Dear all,

when we initially crated OsmocomBB, we moved the code that it shared
with the pre-existing OpenBSC project into libosmocore.git, where
libosmocore and libosmogsm are built.  As libosmocore was quite a bit in
flux (and we didn't have jenkins+gerrit yet), we decided to have a local
clone of libosmocore.git as a git-subtree module inside osmocom-bb.git

Meanwhile, upstream libosmocore received more and more code, and none
of that was ever built with an 'arm-non-eabi' toolchain and

I've been working quite a bit during the last week on making that
embedded build work again.

The idea is to be able to configure + build libosmocore.git master using
something like 

./configure	--prefix=/usr/local/arm-none-eabi \
	 	--host=arm-none-eabi \
		--enable-embedded \
		--disable-shared \
		CFLAGS="-Os -ffunction-sections -fdata-sections -nostartfiles -nodefaultlibs"

and then install it onto the host pc.  I've used
/usr/local/arm-none-eabi as the prefix, but it could of course be

The above already works for me on Debian unstable using libosmocore.git
master. I have some patches pending in laforge/sercomm and
laforge/pseudotalloc, but those are not mandatory to make the build work

The local clone of libosmocore in OsmocomBB src/shared/libosmocore will
be removed, and the Makefiles of osmocom-bb instructed to use the
system-installed libosmocore from /usr/local/arm-none-eabi (see my
'laforge/remove-libosmocore' branch in).  This also already "works" on
my Debian unstable system, in as far as there are no unresolved symbols
or other compilation/linking issues, and the firmware images are
generated.  I have not tested any of the resulting binaries yet, and as
I'm travelling without compatible hardware (and overloaded), it's
unlikely that I'll be able to test it soon.

Nevertheless, this is what I would like to move to.  If anyone wants to
try if he can build the embedded libosmocore and resulting osmocom-bb
from laforge/remove-libosmocore branch, please do so and report your
progress/success/issues here.

Next steps (after validating the above) are:
* remove old sercomm.c code from osmocom-bb and use the new code from
* remove 'talloc emulation' from osmocom-bb and use pseudotalloc from
  libosmocore.git (plus an embedded 'malloc' like umm_malloc)

Further ideas:
* create Debian/Ubuntu package of cross-compiled libosmocore for
  embedded-arm, which we can add to the Osmocom nightly builds apt
* have an (optional?) osmocom-bb makefile step to git clone + configure
  + make install libosmocore

Anyone interested in helping out with this, please feel free to join in.

- Harald Welte <laforge at> 
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