Timeslot allocation

Anton Gorbachev antgorka at gmail.com
Thu May 11 15:12:23 UTC 2017

Dear colleagues,

Could you please tell me when I am wrong in my assumptions?

My story is about beacon channel.
>From different resourses I got the information that we transmit bcch data
(fcch,sch,bcch) which is required for MS to find our network. OK?

On the pictures it's drawn like we transmit BCCH on C0T0. So DL TS1-7 can
be used for i.e. TCH. So if we want just to create bts which can be found
by MS and that's all, we may not transmit on TS1-7 at all. OK?

When we are talking about CalypsoBTS we say that we must transmit several
burst in a row. So here I am a bit confused. So if we want to just transmit
bcch messages we can transmit every TS0 and rest on TS1-7. Why not? Why I
can see in manuals and videos pictures like Ttt_R_tt? Why do I need these
dummy "t" bursts? Why one burst is "t" and another is "T"? Sure I
understand that we must receive something for normal BTS operation like
RACH and need some time to switch Tx/Rx. But why we just cannot use mask
like T_R_T_R_ ...? I understood that we cant use mask TTT_RR because
calypso phone was not hacked to receive two bursts in a row.

Thanks in advance!
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