OsmocomBB full Opensouce?

Vadim Yanitskiy axilirator at gmail.com
Thu May 4 09:28:07 UTC 2017

Hi Anton,

> There are some ideas floating around of doing a new run of this using
> OsmoTRX as basis, but I don't know if there is any actual progress yet.
> Vadim should be able to say more about it.

Yeah, I started to work on SDR based PHY about a year ago, but so far
I was busy with libosmocore development. Right now almost everything
(including libosmocoding of course) is in master branch, so it's good
point to resume this work.

If you would like to contribute this direction or something else, we are
always open for that, so feel free! The source code is currently on GitHub:


BTW: Harald, is it possible to create a new branch for that work in the
project's repo? If yes, I can send you my public key in PM. Thanks!

With best regards,
Vadim Yanitskiy.
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