Calypso BTS (C140) and Osmo BTS

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*Can we still use osmocomBB phones (C140,C139..) with Osmo-BTS project?*

I use transceiver  program from *jolly/testing* branch and
firmware in compal_86 ( trx.highram.bin ) from  *sylvian/testing* branch,
all from osmocomBB.

It is the only way to get phones start sync on particular arfcn.

If I write this configuration in osmo-bts.cfg:

*!! OsmoBTS () configuration saved from vty!!!log stderr  logging color 0
logging timestamp 0  logging level all everything  logging level rsl info
logging level oml info  logging level rll notice  logging level rr notice
logging level meas notice  logging level pag info  logging level l1c info
logging level l1p info  logging level dsp debug  logging level abis
notice!line vty no login!phy 0 instance 0bts 0 band 900 ipa unit-id 1801
0 oml remote-ip trx 0  phy 0 instance 0*

I can make launch *osmo-bts-trx* program.

After launching *osmo-nitb*, Osmo-BTS is writing this log:

<000b> trx_if.c:379 transceiver (phy0.0) rejected TRX command with
response: 'RSP POWERON -22'
<0001> bts.c:203 Shutting down BTS 0, Reason SIGINT

and when shutdown timer is elapsed, Osmo-BTS exit writing this log:

Shutdown timer expired.

*What should I put into osmo-bts.cfg and openbsc.cfg to make thing work ?*

I know that Calypso BTS support only one timeslot.
Tried to modify openbsc.cfg to support only one TS, by putting:

*timeslot 0    phys_chan_config CCCH+SDCCH4   timeslot 1
phys_chan_config NONE   timeslot 2    phys_chan_config NONE   timeslot 3
phys_chan_config NONE   timeslot 4    phys_chan_config NONE   timeslot 5
phys_chan_config NONE   timeslot 6    phys_chan_config NONE   timeslot 7
phys_chan_config NONE*

But BSC is compling with this configuration.

Thanks in advance


*Puno pozdrava,Mirko Kovačević*
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