Get DEA3 working on real devices

baumgar1 baumgar1 at
Mon Mar 3 22:56:00 UTC 2014

Am 2014-03-03 18:20, schrieb ☎:
> Well my patches to libosmocore implementing GEA3/GEA4 are pending in 
> the list
> awaiting review for months :)
> I hope to finally push Holger into merging it during upcoming
> OsmoDevCon this week.

Sounds great! :) Can you provide us a link to your up to date patches, 
We only got this weak left to get the project running. I hope we can 
make it :)

> After that you won't need any 3rd-party libraries but I think there
> got to be some
> changes made to OpenBSC in order to support that. Most importantly -
> we use sqlite as
> HLR at the moment which makes it impossible to handle GSM and GPRS
> auth. requests at
> the same time. I think we need dedicated AuC/HLR which is fully async
> and can hide
> sqlite ugliness from the rest of the code in order to make it work.

Hm, OK. So, for testing we have to disable the GSM auth and enable the 
GPRS auth? Is that possible? I can't remember a option for that but I'll 
have a look at the config tomorrow.

>> Has anyone got GEA3 working in openbsc with real phones?
> Not yet, but I'm looking forward for your results :)

I hope we get something useful ;)

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