Get DEA3 working on real devices

Max.Suraev at
Mon Mar 3 17:20:07 UTC 2014

03.03.2014 17:23, baumgar1 пишет:
> Hi,
> we are students at Munich university and we trying to get GEA3 running on openbsc in
> nitb mode. GSM and GPRS are working, also authentication (+ GSM A5/1 encryption) and
> libosmo-crypt-a53 is installed, but we didn't get the plugin running (It's loaded,
> but we think it isn't registered). In the IRC Channel we got the information that
> it's actually not fully implemented and should ask here.

Well my patches to libosmocore implementing GEA3/GEA4 are pending in the list
awaiting review for months :)
I hope to finally push Holger into merging it during upcoming OsmoDevCon this week.

After that you won't need any 3rd-party libraries but I think there got to be some
changes made to OpenBSC in order to support that. Most importantly - we use sqlite as
HLR at the moment which makes it impossible to handle GSM and GPRS auth. requests at
the same time. I think we need dedicated AuC/HLR which is fully async and can hide
sqlite ugliness from the rest of the code in order to make it work.

> Has anyone got GEA3 working in openbsc with real phones?

Not yet, but I'm looking forward for your results :)

best regards,

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