Make phone calls using IMSI

Andreas Eversberg andreas at
Mon Mar 3 17:31:26 UTC 2014

Sebastian Komorowski wrote:
> Can I make phone calls using IMSI instead traditional phone number? Is Osmocom have function to do this?
> If not - is it somehow possible to call somebody using IMSI?
hi sebastian,

in a traditional network it is not possible, as far as i know. also 
there is no number type for "imsi" defined, so if you use osmocombb, you 
can't. if you use openbsc, you can, if you make calls via MNCC 
interface, by setting IMSI instead of called number (in conjunction with 
LCR (linux-call-router) application, using a dial string like 
"imsi-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"). i used this for test calls.

best regards,


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