Make phone calls using IMSI

Max.Suraev at
Mon Mar 3 15:46:34 UTC 2014

03.03.2014 15:28, Sebastian Komorowski пишет:
> I have USRP with OpenBTS. I can now make phone calls from phone to phone i this two MS is connected to my BTS. 
> Can you explain more precisely how to make phone calls using IMSI and OpenBTS?

You have to use this version - testcall CLI
command was removed from mainline due to some political issues.

After you install it you can use testcall command to initiate call to given IMSI. A
very thorough description of using it is available at

> Secondly - how i can input (enter) IMSI to mobile phone to make phone calls successfully. Software in phones supports functions like this? 

Well, sipauthserv uses sqlite.db which maps IMSI to phone number. If you edit it to
make phone number == IMSI you can call using it. In order to avoid manually editing
each number/IMSI I'm afraid you've got to modify sipauthserve (or code which
interacts with it). Although it's not that hard - I've modified it to avoid calls to

Also a little clarification - IMSI is normally written into SIM card. I think
osmocom-bb allows to modify on the fly but I don't remember exact command :(

Anyway, you can always use programmable SIM card to put any IMSI you like in there.

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