Game Snake for OsmocomBB

Marcel `sdrfnord` McKinnon sdrfnord at
Fri May 17 19:26:29 UTC 2013

Hi everyone

I have hacked the game Snake for OsmocomBB. It was mostly for my own education
and I thought I make a short announcement on this list that such piece of code
also exists. Feel free to play around with it and merge it in the project
repository if you want.

A picture of the game:

I developed and tested it for the C121. During development I also implemented
fb_set_p to set one pixel and fb_bw8_line to draw a line. (For the ST7558 LC
Display Controller)

The code for fb_bw8_line is copied from
I hope this does not interfere with the GPL …

Another thing I added is twl3025_power_off_now for a fast reboot which I used
for development.

Kind regards
Marcel `sdrfnord` McKinnon

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