Pirelli DPL-10 nuttx work in progress?

Craig Comstock craig_comstock at yahoo.com
Sat May 4 01:48:34 UTC 2013

Hi all,

So now I have nuttx console working via IRDA on my Pirelli DPL-10 phone. Here are my next steps... I wanted to see if anyone else was working on these?

- port the osmocom fb driver over to a nuttx lcd driver
- get layer1 + some version of "mobile" working on the device
- write a custom UI so this can be my daily driver
- and in relation to the last item... send a finished phone w/ firmware to be certified by the FCC?


Does that sound about right? Anybody working on any of these bits? I'm not expecting this to happen
overnight by any means... just expect it to be interesting and a good learning experience.

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