Sylvain/testing branch compile error in gsm411

Sylvain Munaut 246tnt at
Wed Jan 2 10:58:05 UTC 2013


> I want to play with the mobile_app with TX and SIM-card support, so I
> checkout the sylvain/testing branch described in the wiki but the following
> error message occurs.
> The master branch work's very fine on my HW (C123).

In sylvain/testing, I know rely on the system wide installed
libosmocore instead of a bundled version, which means you need to
downliad/compile/install libosmocore (and a recent one) on your system
for this to work.

Obviously the configure should have failed, so there is a bug there.
It shouldn't even have tried to compile, need to check why that

In the mean time you can find instructions to install libosmocore in

> Here the shell-output by makeing sylvain/testing branch

When pasting errors, you might want to switch the locale to english
... I can't read german. Also, this would help people looking in the
archive for the same bug.



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