Aw: Re: osmocombb and raspberry pi

Richard Menedetter ricsi at
Wed Feb 20 08:49:50 UTC 2013

Hi All

I have tried it on Raspberry Pi.
First I thought both are ARM, so no crosscompile needed.
I think the hello world example worked, but nothing else.

So I searched for a crosscompile howto, and compiled another Toolchain on the Pi.
That worked much better.
I did not use the internal UART, but used an external USB dongle.
I could use the RSSI monitor, and also the layer1 worked to some extent.
I could see the phone making the channel measurements, but at the end it did not associate with any channel.

Does somebody have a setup on RPi where he/she can make actual calls (and hence associate with a cell)?
If yes could you share how you did it? (maybe I compiled to the wrong platform?)

Thanx in advance

CU, Ricsi

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> yes its possible.
> See below

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