GSM test sets (HP 8922M, for instance..)

Peter Stuge peter at
Sun Oct 7 21:51:08 UTC 2012

John Case wrote:
> I know that these devices can simulate a GSM base station, but does
> that simulation occur over the air, or do I need to connect my
> handset I am testing to the 8922M with a cable ?

It has an N connector for RF output. If you connect an antenna you
can test over the air. It can output a fair bit of power, don't have
to use that if sitting in front of it.

We did some successful initial tests with one of these at one of the
Osmocom User Group meetings maybe a month ago. We briefly discussed
that it would be interesting to extract test results from it
programmatically, and perhaps also to control it. I don't know if
any effort has started in that direction however.

> I know I need to get a 8322A expansion for the unit - any other
> details I should look out for ?

That's the 1800 MHz option, yes? Maybe you want 1900 instead. There
are also goodies like the improved performance 10 MHz reference.


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