TODAY: May 23, 7pm / Osmocom meeting in Berlin

dirk.bossenz at dirk.bossenz at
Fri May 25 10:37:01 UTC 2012


Unfortunately I couldn't last and the next date is already occupied, 
but I'm intressed in participate of sysmoBTS-Access-Core-Side and can 
support with SMSC-knowledge by different vendors.

So you can adress questions over the list or confidentiality directly.


On Wed, 23 May 2012 09:46:13 +0200
  Harald Welte <laforge at> wrote:
> Hi all!
> This is the announcement for the 4th incarnation of our bi-weekly
> Osmocom Berlin meeting.
> 	May 23, 7pm @ CCC Berlin, Marienstr. 11, 10113 Berlin
> There is no particular schedule for now, but if there is interest we
> can do an introduction + demo of the new sysmoBTS.
> Also, I'll have my SIMtrace with me, to read out TERMINAL PROFILE 
> phones for .  So if you have 
> phones to read out: Please bring them (with charged battery or 
> So we'll just meet + talk.  There seem to be some SMSC related 
> that we would want to adress, so you have been warned ;)
> If you are interested to show up, feel free to do so.  There is no
> registration required.  The meeting is free as in "free beer", 
> no actual free beer being around ;)
> Regards,
> 	Harald
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