Regular Osmocom meeting in Berlin?

Nico Golde osmocom at
Fri Mar 30 07:42:36 UTC 2012

* Harald Welte <laforge at> [2012-03-30 09:09]:
> > I was pondering to start a regular Osmocom meeting (monthly or bi-weekly)
> in Berlin.
> The idea would be not only to converge the existing developers in Berlin
> (zecke, roh, prom, tobias, peter, kevin, myself, ...) but to also try to
> share some knowledge and excitement with other interested hackers in the
> wider community.

That's a pretty nice idea!

> A split format for the event might make sense:  Have a more or less
> organized 45min talk about one particular topic + 15min discussion and
> then switch to an informal meeting style without any particular topic or
> moderator.
> For the first half there is a long list of topics intended at informing
> people about the status and capabilities of the respective projects:
> OsmocomBB, OsmoTETRA, OsmoGMR, SIMtrace, etc.
> Regarding the venue, I would suggest to hold it at the Berlin CCC.

Sounds good to me!

> What do you generally think about this?
> What day of the week should we be aiming at?  Tuesday and Thursday is
> generally not a good idea, as those are already occupied with other
> events.

I would probably be in favor of Wednesday. Monthly sounds 
good to me. I'm not sure if bi-weekly is a bit too 
optimistic when it comes to people preparing exciting stuff 
talks. I may be totally wrong though.


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