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Fri Jan 13 13:31:41 UTC 2012

My information is from 'decoding gsm' master thesis from glendrange, hove, hvideberg (2010) norwegian university of science and technology, page 92, figure 5.4.

I,m getting closer to understand the process of assignment if i understand you correctly now.

 I could match the informations from imm.ass (downlink) against the paging response (uplink) on sdcch right? Anyway i still see no way to listen to uplink traffic on sdcch without usrp-hardware.



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> I just red that if early assignment is used (non-oascu) in a ms terminating call, there is no channel request on RACH by ms.

??? !!! ???

Where would you have read that in the spec ?

> I still dont quite get then howto match imsi/tmsi to an immediate assignment.

You can't ... I just said so in the previous mails ...

There is no indication in the imm.ass that would allow you to know for
which mobile identity a channel is intended. You can only know if it
matches _your_  request (by matching time and random reference)



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