[nuttx-bb] how to integrate nuttx-bb into upstream nuttx.

Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli GNUtoo at no-log.org
Tue Feb 28 21:17:37 UTC 2012


Nuttx is BSD licensed while osmocom-bb's src/target/firmware is GPLv2(or 
Mixing GPlv2 and BSD code is legally possible.
As I understand it  the whole work becomes GPLv2 when the code is mixed,
the BSD part however can be used independently of the GPL part if you strip 
out the GPL part and the BSD copyright headers have to remain intact.

The problem is that upstream(nuttx) will unlikely accept GPL code as-is for 
inclusion in nuttx.

However there is a misc directory for software made under different licenses 
such as applications or drivers(there is one GPL driver for the rtl8187x wifi 
To use the driver the user is expected to run a script that install the driver 
in nuttx normal source code directory.

The list of files touched by the patches mades on top of nuttx and their 
licenses is listed here:

Basically the GPL parts are composed by :
* the irq 
* the timer
* the clock
* the uart

some of the related files have the following authors(can be combined 
 * Harald Welte
 * Stefan Richter
 * Ingo Albrecht

I guess Stefan Richter and Ingo Albrecht will be hard to reach.

So I wonder what's the best thing to do.


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