[PATCH] bind VTY to other interfaces than localhost

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Mon Feb 20 20:24:24 UTC 2012

Hi Tim,

Tim Ehlers wrote:
> Here is a patch for layer23 (mobile), having an option "-u" (because
> -v is the port). Passing "-u" would bind to any interface.

I think this is a fun idea, but I have some small comments.

> If you think it is useful, please commit it in the git.

Please consider the comments, and then re-send a patch created
locally by you using git. It's easy:

One-time setup:
git config --global user.name 'Tim Ehlers'
git config --global user.email your at email.address

To create a commit:
git diff  # to review your changes and decide that you want them
git commit -a  # to create a new commit in your local dir with the changes

Please write a descriptive and nicely formatted commit message.
Your commit message will be visible in many places, so it's a good
idea to make it look really good. It's easy. Here's an example:

First line a short description of the logical change, absmax 72 chars

Leave the second line blank, and then, if it makes sense for the
commit, (I don't think neccessary for this one) you can continue
writing a more detailed explanation on lines three and forward.
Always keep line lengths limited. Best is to stay near 70, absmax 76.

Finally, you can end the commit message with a signoff, this practise
has agreed-upon legal meaning within the Linux kernel, but isn't yet
used in the same way within osmocom-bb. It's not wrong to do it anyway.

Signed-off-by: Your Name <your at email.address>

To generate a patch file for the last 1 commit:
git format-patch -1

Or to have git send the patch directly to the mailing list:
git config sendemail.to baseband-devel at lists.osmocom.org # one-time setup
git send-email -1

Or to transmit a copy of your local commits to elsewhere:
# register e.g. on github.com
git push

I really like the git send-email feature. It's great when contributing
sporadically, because you don't neccessarily have to remember the
email address once it has been configured in the git repo! :)

All git commands can be run with --help to learn about their further


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