Reliablility problem in current git?

Jean-Pierre Szikora jean-pierre.szikora at
Mon Feb 20 11:13:21 UTC 2012

Le 19/02/12 18:30, Tim Ehlers a écrit :
> Hi,
> I have a git clone from 23.01.2012 and a current git clone.
> When I compile both and use the mobile appliation, I have a strange
> problem in the current code. Very often I can't send USSD codes (and
> maybe also can't communicate in other ways; USSD is the costless way
> to check whether I am connected or not).
> Ok, this is what I do: I send "service 1 *#21#", wait the answer and
> the string "% On Network, normal service: Germany, O2". Then send it
> again and so on.
> With the old code, I reliable get the answer e.g. "% Status:
> deactivated". With the new code, I very often (sometime already when
> trying first time) get nothing back and after some seconds only "%
> Service connection terminated.".
> Can someone confirm this behavior? 

I have the same problem (testing with a C123). When this problem occurs,
I have also a lot of "DSP Error Status: 8" and afterwards "DSP Error
Status: 24". With git bisect, I localize the first commit showing this
issue as 7cc4a4b ( Improvement of neighbour cell power measurement task).

Hope this help,


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