Operator name in cell_log log file

Andreas Eversberg andreas at eversberg.eu
Fri Feb 3 16:39:51 UTC 2012

Dario Lombardo wrote:
> Why doesn't cell_log write the operator name in its log file? Is there
> any issue related to it?
> Attached a patch to log operator name and country.
> Dario.
hi dario,

the reason for that is that cell_log only logs the raw data. later it
can be decoded (e.g. by gsmmap tool) with all the info you like.
decoding things like "operator" could lead to the following problems
when they are stored in the log file:

- operator names may change
- list of operators may have wrong names or is incomplete
- decoding functions may have bugs, so they might output wrong results
- decoding several informations would inflate the log file
- someone using the log file may not care about operator names

in the past we had a bug in the frequency list decoder. after i fixed
it, i just parsed my log file again and got the right frequencies.

if you need to know what operators you have in your log, i suggest to
write a tool that parses the log file and outputs a list of operator
infos and other infos you like. look at "gsmmap" to see how it is done.



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