Sniffing GPRS

mad mad at
Fri Feb 17 15:56:03 UTC 2012

Hi Dario,

> My stimulating ME supports edge, so my fake traffic is not good for
> tracking. I must find the right phone... do you have some model to suggest?
> I can find very old phones or very new, but it's hard to find some "medium"
> that support GPRS and not EDGE :).

I would recommend you to try to get hold of an old Siemens S45, SL45 or ME45. They support only non-EDGE GPRS and have some nice monitor features available when activated (instructions are easy to find). Amongst other things it's possible to attach/detach GPRS, activate/deactivate PDP context, IP ack/unack, and so on, via menu. And using a serial cable these phones support the at+crsm-command so you have read access to TMSI, Kc and other files on the SIM during operation.


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