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> My stimulating ME supports edge, so my fake traffic is not good for tracking. I must find the right phone... do you have some model to suggest? I can find very old phones or very new, but it's hard to find some "medium" that support GPRS and not EDGE :).

Just find an old one that doesn't support GPRS: phones or usb keys.

> [1]
> That sounds very interesting, since I have a BB. How can you check that your arfcn is not hopping from this menu?

As you can see on the "last GPRS TBF:" section, the only arfcn used for that session was the 983, it means that was not hopping.

About how to activate the field test, just google for it.

Please reply directly on the ml. 
About the ARFCN allocation around Italy, is MNO related, so it could just allocate the 983 here as non-hopping and in your city as hopping one. You are on your own about checking which is the best ARFCN (non-hopping) to make tests.

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