Comprehensive User Directive Manual Needed

rola roladunjoye at
Tue Sep 13 03:00:55 UTC 2011

Hi all,

I am really thrill to set up OsmocomBB program single handedly after
scourging through mailing list and crash learning linux environment from
online tutorials. This is an amazing project with a lot of concept and idea
that can only be acquired through years of working as a developer. I really
appreciate the great work each and everyone put into this project and I am
taking advantage of this to set myself back as a programmer.

Could there be a comprehensive documentation on how to setup the the project
from the first stage of firmware download to the linking of various
applications to the running osmocon program. It took a lot of time to get
myself around the project before I could finally set it up. Beside the core
participant programmers and those that were previously familiar with this
nature of application many of the interested enthusiast like me are left in
the dark on what to do at one point or the other during the set up of the

For an instance after successfully setting up the osmocomBB, I couldn't run
the program with my C155 just for the fact that I mistakenly took the
passing parameter for  C155 for "C155xor" following the given example based
on C123. It took me over two days to realized where the error was all
because I was having legitimate error report of "NACK" that was explained on
the blog to be due to different transmission rate between the hosting system
and the MS onboard chip. By stroke of luck, I removed the "xor" based on
solution suggested for similar issue on different Motorola model and VIOLA
!!!  firmware completes downloading and I'm set on track . The funniest
thing is that it was after I've resolved the problem that I later read the
reference to the C155 parameter passing.

Secondly, setting up config file for MOBILE APP was like searching for
needle in the hail. My thought was that the file needed to contain a written
configuration of VTY with telnet parameters. That took me on a journey of
learning what telnet is, what Virtual Terminal is. Anyway, I learn a lot
from googling here and there before I finally read in some solution that the
file is just an empty file. I know that it might be trivial issue to many of
the grounded programmers but to some like me it was really a big issue.

Right now I am running the Mobile App and about to setup the patch 
wireshark but still have no clue of what command to send through the telnet
interface or what next to do on the Mobile prompt section. It will be a nice
to have a compiled possible errors that newbies might encounter and as well
a basic step on what to do at each stage of setting up  and running of the

Just to give a little background about myself; I have a two semester of
wireless technology as part of my graduate study and I intend to use
OsmocomBB as the basis of my thesis on analyzing GSM Um interface.

Great work guys and God bless.


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