Nuttx for Calypso

Sylvain Munaut 246tnt at
Tue May 24 14:46:31 UTC 2011

> Yes, I am sure you have noticed that NuttX is provided as two tarballs:  One
> called nuttx-a.b.tar.gz that hold the core OS functionality in the nuttx/
> directory and one called apps-a.b.tar.gz that holds sample application code
> in the apps/.  That apps/ directory is meant to be a "break-away."  You
> would discard the current apps/ directory (taking whatever is useful to
> you), and create your own application directory.

Note that our "App" is more than a userspace "app"

It's also a FIQ interrupt handler and some 'drivers' (for the GSM
specific stuff like DSP / TPU and the RF / external chips).
I'm also leaning toward having the board definition separate (at least
part of them) since they'll including things like RFFE stuff that will
only be useful for the GSM stuff.



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