RFC: RTOS for Calypso

Scott Weisman sweisman at pobox.com
Mon May 16 16:27:20 UTC 2011

I mentioned RT-Thread in the last email I sent to this thread. I don't know
if anyone looked into it, but it has some intriguing features that I think
are also worthy of consideration. It looks to be actively developed and is
licensed under the Apache Licence 2.0. Here's a summary from their site (

The GUI mentioned below is nothing to write home about, but it has TTF
support, among other things. That particular feature might seem heavy, but
it is nice to know it's available.


RT-Thread Kernel
Object oriented real-time core (while remaining the elegant and flexible
style of C Programming Language);
32 or 256 priority scheduling multi-thread scheduling; Using the round-robin
policy ensures that all threads having the same priority level will be
scheduled equally;
Synchronization of threads: semaphore and mutual exclusion semaphore (mutex)
to prevent priority inversion;
Complete and efficient support for communication between threads, including
mailbox, message queues, event flag;
Static memory management supports thread suspend/resume when it
allocates/frees a memory block and thread-safe dynamic heap management;
A device driver framework to provide standard interface to high level

FinSH shell
Command line that accepts C-like expression;
Access system core functions directly via command line like C Programming
Language grammar;
Access system global variables directly via command line like C Programming
Language grammar;
Command history records and automatic complete for the Command Prompt;

Device File System
Virtual File System optimised for small device
POSIX style API;
Support the different implementation of file systems
Wrapper for ELM Chan's FatFs filesystem.

LwIP, a lightweight TCP/IP protocol stack
Standard BSD Socket interface;
IP, ICMP, UDP, TCP supported
DNS, DHCP, PPP supported
TFTP-HTTP-FTP supported (refer to the netutil component)

Integrated with RT-Thread;
Multi-Thread supported;
Multi-Window supported;
Rich Widgets such as: label, button, checkbox, radiobox, etc.
Client/Server Architecture;
Client: Workbench/View/Window Architecture;
Chinese GB2312 display.

RT-Thread Branches 0.3.x

RT-Thread Branches 0.4.x
Renesas M16C
Cortex-M0 (NXP lpc1114)

RT-Thread 0.4.x branches has been starting in Google SVN trunk. It will
include more microcontrollers porting and involve following features:

Enhanced features on RT-Thread/GUI, include framebuffer optimized, input
method, TrueType font, Alpha Blend etc.
Application Module.
Other features.
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