would be desirable to have a live-cd-bb osmocom

Wolfram Sang wolfram at the-dreams.de
Mon May 23 12:43:12 UTC 2011

> either abuse the GNU/Linux ARM toolchain from Embedian (or in Ubuntu the
> Linaro cross gcc), or we need to package a plain ARM ELF newlib one.

There are packages here: ftp://ftp.pengutronix.de/pub/oselas/

DEBs (also tbz2) for i386 and amd64
(arm-elf-gcc-4.5.2-newlib-1.19.0-binutils-2.21). That are the ones I use.
Recipes to build them on your own are available[1], but needs ptxdist as a
buildsystem, so no debian-mechanisms for that.




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