would be desirable to have a live-cd-bb osmocom

Holger Hans Peter Freyther holger at freyther.de
Mon May 23 11:54:57 UTC 2011

On 05/23/2011 11:55 AM, suraev at stud.ntnu.no wrote:
> 23.05.2011 10:08, Harald Welte пишет:
>> That is not that easy.  You will first need to package a
>> cross-toolchain, and then include the source code for at least the
>> OsmocomBB firmware. 
> Probably this https://launchpad.net/~bdrung/+archive/bsprak could be a good starting
> point for toolchain packaging.

either abuse the GNU/Linux ARM toolchain from Embedian (or in Ubuntu the
Linaro cross gcc), or we need to package a plain ARM ELF newlib one.


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