Motorola C115 with OsmocomBB

Tomas Kopsa deacon at
Thu Jun 30 17:41:35 UTC 2011

I have Motorola C115 and C121, both models works fine with OsmocomBB 
(behaviour is identical).


> Hi Folks, just wanted to know if anyone actually tried the Motorola 
> C115 with OsmocomBB ?
> It appears to be difficult to source compatible phones in the UK but I 
> did manage to get this C115 Model and wanted confirmation before 
> hacking away at it only to find it is not going to play.
> The wiki states :
> Motorola C115/C117
> It seems to be 99.9% identical with the MotorolaC123 
> <>/C121/C122 series.
> So far, all our software (written for the MotorolaC123 
> <>) is working on the 
> C115/C117, too.
> The PCB is marked E87, i.e. one number less than the MotorolaC123 
> <> (E88).
> Any feedback would be very appreciated from anyone who has had success 
> with this particular phone from the Users side.
> Thanks
> Raz

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